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The Top 5 Biggest Movie Sets Ever Built

Movies are larger than life. They depict a world where everything is monumental, glamorous, and staggering in scale. In order to pour all that size and sweep into the camera lens, producers and directors must use every bit of their skill and power to build amazing sets that captivate the

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Ultimate Free Icon Set: +1000 Free Icons

This design resource freebie — containing +1,000 free vector icons — is the biggest free icon set that Six Revisions has ever released.

This freebie comes in three formats:

PNG – a popular web format that’s ready to use (read about the PNG image formathere)
EPS – an editable graphics vector file that you can open

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Smiley Logos to make you Smile!

Smile is becoming a ‘nice-to-have’ feature for the current century. Companies try to incorporate it in their logos for many reasons. We know, smile communicates better than a blank face. Same goes for the logo designs , those who are having smile tend to get better customer interaction. Smile

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The Design Of The Wooden Skyscraper World’s Tallest

It is one of the most futuristic projects of recent years and if its construction was approved could radically change the skyline of Stockholm. To celebrate the centenary of the Hsb Stockholm, one of the largest construction companies in the Scandinavian country, has launched a competition for the construction, by

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Sky City: the world’s tallest building built in 90 days

End of this year, the Burj Khalifa is no longer the world’s tallest building. In the Chinese city of Changsha will be stamped a skyscraper with a height of 838 meters. From the ground in record time That is ten feet longer than the Burj Khalifa.

The Broad Group will build the skyscraper Sky City. The company has

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Drawings by Michael Schall

Sketches of thought planets and designed types.
Although I don’t sketch from pictures, I use pictures to know that how certain factors are organized, such as the interweaving pipes of oil refineries or the levels of world on a huge butte. Then I use this architectural knowladge to create thought planets

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LEGO and Sony are working on robotic toys

The collaboration between the Japanese Sony and the Danish LEGO might just be paying off: according to the video below is because working on fun projects such as the Playstation controller controlled robots and LEGO bricks which cameras and electric motors are processed. As yet, none of the projects for the toy, but there are

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Sydney’s Harbour Bridge as light show

In Sydney one likes a beautiful light show, as do the regular visitor of Fresh Gadgets. As we showed you earlier this week show a video in which the world famous Opera House using projection mapping was transformed into a luminous artwork . On the occasion of the Vivid Sydney festival was also put the iconic

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