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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The original, 5.3-inch Note caused much debate: was it a giant smartphone or a dwarf tablet? Sharing the limelight with the many Galaxy Tabs, Samsung’s second Note has a more substantial, 10.1-inch screen. The S-Pen stylus and proprietary S-Note software allow for creative doodling, but now on a bigger scale,

Magnum iPad Stand

A truly original take on the iPad 2 stand, the Magnus rather ingeniously uses super-powerful magnets to give the illusion that the tablet is attached to the base by magic, or perhaps glue. Hewn from a single block of aluminium, and hand-finished to look like a tab extension rather than

Loewe Air Speaker

Apple’s AirPlay functionality is great when it works, and purveyor of AV swank Loewe will surely make the most of it with its first AirPlay speaker. Two subwoofers assist with the pumping of 80 watts of audio, and a range of interchangeable colour and metallic inserts mean you can match

Loewe Cinema set

Combining several tasty slices of hot, buttered Loewe home entertainment kit, the Cinema Set is a must for serious film buffs and audiophiles. It comprises a Loewe MediaVision 3D Blu-ray player with built-in iPod dock (pictured), a set of satellite speakers, compact 180W subwoofer and an Assist multi-control remote. Separately,

Union Folding Cycle

Folding bikes may be practical, but let’s face it: lugging one around on public transport is a pain. That’s why this stunning concept from Taiwanese design students Weiche Wu and Minhan Lin is so appealing. Rather than collapsing into a metal frame that magnetically attracts fellow commuters’ ankles, it folds

SMK-Link wireless keyboard

A mini, gamepad-style controller that's actually an office in disguise., the SMK-Link lets you hook up your full-fat computer to your big screen and work from the sofa. Laid-back productivity to out-power any tablet. Price: £45 Link: SMK-Link

Awesome Berg Little Pocket Printer

It may appear to have a cartoon of Hitler after a shave on the front, but we reckon this web-connected micro printer is rather cute. Configured via your phone and the cloud, it scours the web looking for cool stuff, giving receipt-like printouts of the day’s headlines, voucher deals and

AQ Audio Smart wireless speakers

Apple’s AirPlay has happily brought an end to the reign of plasticky docks, ushering in an age of sleek, streaming devices. AQ Audio’s Smart Speakers are the latest to rock Apple’s tech and are chock full of aural wonders. Each one pumps out a hefty 24W of power and they

Sony SRX-R515 4K projector

With HD and 3D well established to the point of being old hat, it’s time to sell up and move out to 4K ultra-HD: let Sony be your guide. Its latest super-projector is aimed at small cinemas and the homes of the one per cent, and boasts a staggering 4096x2160p

Sony Xperia Tablet

Sony is planning a comeback. Yes, another one. Along with new phones and TVs, the Japanese giant is having another stab at tablets after last year’s moderately successful P and S. The all new, though not very newly named Xperia Tablet S boasts a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 backed by