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Why is YouTube Still Blocked in Pakistan

First of all the history of youtube in pakistan.

Sources and Citations:
On 22 February 2008 YouTube was blocked in Pakistan following a decision taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority because of the number of “non-Islamic objectionable videos. One report specifically named Fitna, a controversial Dutch film, as the basis for

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Getting Social Media To Work For Your Vocal Career

There are networks all over the Internet that are ready and able to help aid any aspiring vocalists and/or voice actors pinpoint job vacancies that they may be suitable for.

LinkedIn – Being the most popular social networking site centred purely on professions and the work place. Companies regularly post vacancies

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Awesome Effects Of Solarium House

A sunroom, sun shop, sun terrace, or sun living room is a framework usually designed on side of house which allows entertainment of the nearby scenery while being protected from negative varying climate circumstances such as rainfall and breeze.
It can be termed as a terrace space, solarium, sunroom or California

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LEGO and Sony are working on robotic toys

The collaboration between the Japanese Sony and the Danish LEGO might just be paying off: according to the video below is because working on fun projects such as the Playstation controller controlled robots and LEGO bricks which cameras and electric motors are processed. As yet, none of the projects for the toy, but there are

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How Professional Athletes Are Enhancing Social Media

Most people around the world enjoy watching at least one sport. Whether it’s basketball, football, soccer, cricket, volleyball, tennis, or some of the others worldwide sports, people love to be able to connect with their favorite athletes and teams. The adrenaline that they receive when watching a competitive and close

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Structured Water: The Zohnerism Effect

You’ve possibly already heard or seen a write-up of the compound molecule “dihydrogen monoxide”.If you haven’t, one of these reports gives a lengthy list of some of the ill associations of the substance (sometimes also called “hydroxyl acid”), such as that it’s a main constituent in most poisons, pesticides and

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Bieber, One Direction top list of young music acts

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