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Indoor Cloud Photography

A young Dutch artist named Berndnaut Smilde is getting fame for producing striking images of real looking clouds suspended in empty rooms. He uses a fog machine under controlled environment so that artificially created cloud stays there for a while. He photographs these real looking clouds in such a way that it feel like having a real cloud in room.

print: Inkjetprint on dibond,
size: 125×198 cm


Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk


print: lambda print on dibond,
size: 125 x 184 cm,

cloud in room, lambda print


print: Lambda print on dibond,
size: 125 x 184 cm


Cloud in room, Lambda


print: Lambda print on dibond,
size: 75 x 112 cm

cloud in the room is real


print: Digital C-type Print,
size: 75×112 cm

cloud in the room


print: digital C-type print on dibond,
size: 125×185 cm,

clued in room Ronchini


print: Lambda print on dibond,
size: 125 x 198 cm

Nimbus Minerva, 2012


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Least Impressive Minimal Wallpapers

Minimal Desktop wallpaper

In this era of advancement of internet technology and the general use of the material is increased before there are many techniques used to make the PC attractive. In this sense, many people like to place beautiful wallpapers on their desktop, there are many types of creative and colorful backgrounds and wallpapers are also available now a minimum. Basically minimalist approach is recognized for its simplicity and clean look that is why several designers to create stunning graphics on minimum funds.

In the vast field of design there are many trends that must be followed, and following the trend of the funds minimum that a designer can create beautiful backgrounds and even photographers are also concerned about this particular style. That’s why today we want to share with you some wonderful minimal wallpapers to delight their desk. In this collection I have collected a number of beautiful minimalist and beautiful wallpapers to decorate your desktop





Minimal Desktop wallpaper



Minimalist Wallpaper



minimalist wallpaper4



Minimalist wallpaper


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Top HTML5 Frameworks

Web application framework is a software platform that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web stations. Structure seeks to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities performed in Web development. For example, many of the structures of the libraries provide access database templates and frameworks and session management, often the reuse of code. As you all know that HTML5 and CSS3 are the future of web development. It is for this reason I can think of many things for the development of these languages. In this article I will show the best HTML5 and CSS3 framework to help you build HTML5 and CSS3 power site.


5-Kendo UI

Kendo UI

View the Demo or Download




Learn More | Download Lungo.js


3- Reverie.


Learn More | Download


2-Elements CSS Framework

Elements CSS Framework

Learn More | Download Elements


1- Easy Front End Framework

Easy Front End Framework

Learn More | Download Easy Front End Framework

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Smashing 5 HTML5 templates

Interior Design

All Free Templates are compatible with all professional HTML5 browsers with its functionality and features. HTML5 and CSS3 Template has some amazing new features that make it more popular among web designers today. HTML5 also provides great opportunities for animation on the web, instead of Flash. Currently HTML5 is becoming more popular because they can use HTML5 to develop online games or play without a flash. Sites developed in HTML5 animation requires Adobe Flash support in the web browser, then again, if your browser supports HTML5.


5-IMCreatives HTML5 and CSS3 Template


View IMCreative | Download IMCreatives




View Manifest | Download Manifest


3-Minimaliso | HTML5 & CSS3 With iPhone WebApp.


View Minimaliso | Download Minimaliso


2-University International


View University ThemeDownload University Theme


1- Interior Design

Interior Design

View Interior Design | Download Interior Design

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Top Best Free Fonts for Upcoming Designers

I’m going to write this post, but I have not had time to do so. I have received several messages and e-mails asking me about the sources that I use in some of my design projects. I have a rather large collection of fonts. Some of them are paid, but many of them are free! First, I suggest you invest in some of the best fonts out there, but also suggest that you take advantage of the free resources that can be found online.


5- Lost Type


Lost Type

Get lost Type.


4- Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

This is one of best site with a lot of high-quality fonts that are primarily at font face support. You can also download the source as at font face kit and also have an font face generator. This is definitely a great resource.

Get Font Squirrel


3- The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type
This site has a large collection of free fonts, including the League Gothic, which has become very popular. I would suggest you to go through them and share them on social media or subscribe to the feed as well.

Visit The League of Moveable Type


2- Impallari


Get Impallari


1- DaFont


Get DaFont

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Latest High-Quality Free Fonts


With the passage of time, we look forward and try our best to find fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you. The choice out there is enormous, so the time is very expensive, and it will help you to focus on your projects rather the wasting time in finding new fonts.

In this post, we are pleased to present you some latest and high quality fonts. Note that while most of the fonts are available commercially for commercial use, some are free for personal use only. Please read the license agreements before using the fonts, as they may change from time to time from their respective copyright owners.


6- Signika



A significant sans-serif with a gentle nature, Signika was developed for media signs, signs and other who need clarity of the information. Powered by Giedrys Anna of Poland, the font has a low contrast and high x-height to improve readability at small sizes and great distances. The font is a set of extended characters, support for all major languages in Europe, hats, pictograms and arrows. All weights from light to alternatives bold negative versions, optimized to solve the effect of provision of the text juxtaposed positive and negative, so that the text negative tends to look more often

Get it from Google Web Fonts and for free download at Fontsquirrel.


5- Sullivan


Sullivan is a bold display faced font, which is available in three variants. which can also be used individually as well as layered on top of each other to create a modern effect, visual world. The character was designed by Jason Mark Jones and published under the name-your-price policy.

Get Sullivan


4- Bariol


Bariol is one of very friendly, rounded typeface, slightly condensed, available in four weights and designed keeping in viewthe flexibility and readability of viewer or user in mind. It is nice and friendly, without being too sweet, and very readable at small sizes. Regular Bariol is available for free (a tweet or Facebook update is required)

Get Bariol


3- Metropolis


Get Metropolis


2- Arvo:


Get Arv0


1- Lusitana


Get Lusitana

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Usefull Online Contents For Web Designers


One of the advantages of working in a creative field is the number of designers and developers who are serious about their craft. The design community shines in a particular aspect: the design community seems to be less willing to accumulate knowledge and skills. Instead, there are more details about them and continue to improve in other methods – including the media – magazines and books.

This overview of the magazines will find useful for everything from online publications purely monthly editions, glossy printing, where all topics relating to art and design are being studied in detail colorful and eloquent.


6- The Manual

The Manual

View The Manual


5- Process Journal


View The Process


4- Offscreen


View Offscreen


3- 8Faces


View 8faces


2- Ingraphics


View Ingraphics


1- Ferocious


View Ferocious

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Free High Quality Web Templates In PSD

Crimes Night

In this collection, we are doing our best to show an impressive collection of some high quality free PSD files. Now we have collected some models of high-quality collection of PSD files, because we know that nothing can beat just gifts. We hope that this collection proves to be the best.

5- Photography Portfolio Website PSD Template


live Demo | Download Photography Portfolio


4- Elegance Media

Elegance Media

live Demo | Download Elegance Media


3- Corporatix

Corporatix Corporate PSD Website

live Demo | Download Corporatix


2- E commerce Portal

Ecommerce Portal Free PSD Website Template

live Demo | Download E Commerce Portal


1- Crimes Night

Crimes Night

live Demo | Download Crimes Night

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Extraordinary, High Quality, Free Web PSD Templates

sleeko webdesign

No matter who you are or what your business may be, you always want your website design to stand out. Having a unique site allows you to stay in the minds of most visitors and can help translate how unique your product or service to someone.

The problem with creating a featured site sometimes you have no idea where to start. It ‘possible that the colors you want, and you can only have an idea, but what is really unique, not a single track. Sometimes it can be difficult to start with nothing and try to turn it into something that will stay with someone.

Fortunately, there are people out there that help with creating fabulous PSD templates to help someone start making a website. The sad truth, however, sometimes, most of these gifts are not worth even go. So now we have created a list of 20 models of classification of PSD incredible work for you and inspired to design your website.


5- Sleeko

sleeko webdesign

live Demo | Download Sleeko


4- E commerce Website Templates

ecommerce website

live Demo | Download e commerce website


3- Fictional Design Studio

Fictional design

live Demo | Download Fictional Design Studio


2- Yellow! Minimalist Blog Template

Yellow Minimalist Blog

live Demo | Download Yellow! Minimalist Blog Template


1- Digital Rust

Digital Rust

live Demo | Download Digital Rust

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Simple Website Template in PSD

Orange PSD Template

In this collection, shows an impressive collection of high quality and a bit of “free PSD files.Now we have gathered great collection some high quality PSD because we know that nothing can beat just gifts. So here is the selected collection of free web PSD files for download.Have fun!


8- Solitude

Solitude Free Simple PSD Template

live Demo | Download the template


7- Dusky

Dusky Free PSD Template

live DemoDownload Dusky


6- Artificial Casting

Artificial Casting PSD Templates

live Demo | Download Artificial Casting


5- Sandunebiz PSD Template

sandunebiz PSD Template

live Demo | Download Sandunebiz


4- Orange

Orange PSD Template

live Demo | Download Orange


3- Smashing Multimedia

Smashing Multimedia PSD Templates

live Demo | Download Smashing Multimedia | Download Theme


2- 2Breed

2breed PSD Website Template

live Demo | Download 2Breed


1- DelliStore

DelliStore PSD Simple Website

live Demo | Download DelliStore